Welcome! And congratulations on your pregnancy!

Having a baby is a life changing event that affects not only the mother, but everyone around her: from h10009748_10152329625869835_1086372642_oer partner, to her family and friends. The birth process is one which requires full love and support. Feeling supported with her birthing and parental decisions helps the mother to lead a healthy pregnancy and eventually to a safe and healthy baby.

My goal is to enable women and their partners to trust the birth process and their intuitions.  Most women go through pregnancy and birth, yet they tend to know very little of the topic. Birth should not be this huge unknown in our society. I want women to embrace the change in their lives which is the bringing forth of a new presence into our world.

By inviting me into your life I will provide you with devoted guidance, tender support, and informed knowledge throughout your pregnancy. My passion for child10419569_10152942598306185_4753090403577507633_nbirth and creating a family shows through my work as I allow myself to grow with you on your journey.

I offer personalized support for each mother and situation, because birth is not a “standard procedure.”  Every mother and every birth is unique and beautiful! Whether you are having a home, hospital,VBAC, or breech birth, birthing with or without a partner, are a cis and traditional role family or part of the lgbtq community, whether this is your first child or a new sibling, or if your birth will be of any other variety…I want you to feel supported and involved in your birth. Birth is a journey for all mothers and their babies and all mothers deserve to have their ideal birth.


~  To Embrace  ~
To accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) 

willingly and enthusiastically