Who I Am

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate and enthusiastic about infants and the idea of building a family. Even as a young member of the youth community, I knew that I wanted my career and life to involve childbirth and parenting.

I have gained an education in many subjects including sociology, foreign languages, sciences, media studies, and theatre. These courses have given me a vast background of knowledge which compliments my abilities as a doula wonderfully. I love to learn and am always opening myself up to new experiences. I don’t only bring my current and previous knowledge to a client’s home, but I also allow myself to learn with the parents.  Every birth and body is different, so what methods may work for most labouring women does not necessarily mean that it will work for every labouring woman. I pride myself in my enthusiasm for learning different aspects of birth to better serve a variety of mothers. I support mothers and their partners during the process of growing into a family from pregnancy, through the birth and to the postpartum period. There is no limit to how one can birth, so there is no limit to the knowledge I can apply to my support and care.

My job is not to take control of your pregnancy but to enhance your experience by providing you with the necessary information and resources that will make this exciting time one that is filled with extended professional support, guidance and quality care. Due to the vast amounts of information in the world on pregnancy and childbirth, I am constantly expanding my business’s scope to accommodate a variety of mothers. I welcome mothers of all varieties , including but not limited to single mothers, teens, LGBT+, surrogate, home births, hospital births etc.

My Birth Philosophy

I believe in a woman’s right to an informed choice of how, where, and with whom she births. I want women everywhere to know that they do have options and they are not restricted to what their care provider suggests or may offer. In the end, this is the mother’s pregnancy and birth, not her partner’s, parent’s, social acquaintance’s, or care provider’s: It is hers.

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a safe and normal physiological process that most women experience. Our bodies are made to carry and birth a baby. I want a calm and gentle birth for every woman. Yes, birth provides strong sensations, but I want women to know how to work with those sensations and how to welcome them as they come, rather than expect pain and fear.

I am here to encourage your vision for your ideal pregnancy and birth, while offering you evidence based information needed to make informed choices along the way.