First Meeting:

Our jump starter meeting to become acquainted with one another. This is the time for us to learn about each of our birth philosophies and see if our ideologies align. At this time, feel free to ask me any questions and we will see whether we are a good match for one another. The first meeting between you and I is offered at no charge.

Prenatal Visits:

Once you decide that you want my support as your Doula, I will offer 2-4 visits (depending on the time of hire and your desires for doula care) throughout your pregnancy until your day of birth. These visits are for you and your partner to ask any questions involving pregnancy and how you can ease into parenthood.  I am here to help you build your ideal birth plan and learn how you wish to be supported. These visits provide an excellent opportunity for us to really get to know one another and build a trust and bond. I have a full list of local resources who you may wish to utilize during your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum period (i.e. placenta encapsulation specialists, birth photographers, lactation consultants etc.).

In addition to these visits, I am easily available by email and phone to answer any questions you may have.

Lending Library

During our time together you have access to my wide variety of pregnancy, birth, and parenting books for more learning between our meetings.

Labour and Birth Support:

On the day of your labour, one quick phone call will send me your way. This is your day. I will be with you throughout your labour and birth to give you physical comfort and emotional support for both you and your partner. I will stay with you until your baby is born and up to 3 hours after the birth of the placenta until you feel comfortable and ready for me to leave.

Postpartum Support:

In the two weeks following your birth, I am here to give you any needed assistance to adjusting to the new family life. I will visit you 1-2 times, depending on how you feel with the newborn. The core focus of these meetings will be to evaluate your birth and what you have learned from it. If needed I may help with breast feeding, laundry, newborn care, and parenting support.


Currently I offer my services for $500. Payment plans are available for those who cannot pay the full sum all at once.


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